Tech Company Creates Drone That Will Help You Cheat on Pokémon GO

Let’s face it – catching ‘em all ain’t easy. These days, nothing seems more frustrating than spotting that rare critter but failing to get it!
In response to this problem, Dutch company TRNDlabs developed a device that acts as an external camera and captures Pokemon right where you can’t – the Pokedrone.
Instead of using the smartphone’s camera and GPS, the “Pokemon Go” app uses the Pokedrone’s. Addionally, players don’t need to become experts at drone-flying because the device has auto take-off and land functions.
“TRNDlabs is serious about the new development that saves you from tying your phone on your dog’s back or taping it to your DJI drone which probably isn’t a basic tool in your household anyway,” the company said. “Not least, Pokédrone keeps you dry avoiding walking into the lake and soak your phone!”
According to Asia One, TRNDlabs’ main issue is the use of the prefix “Poke-” and the Pokedrone’s integration into the primary app. Let’s hope they don’t run into any legal issues. 
In addition, the company expressed hopes in working with Nintendo directly, The Verge said. Nintendo neither developed nor published “Pokemon Go,” but it owns a third of Pokemon Company.
While the price and official release date has yet to be announced, TRNDlabs founder Gerard Nieuwenhuis said it should be ready beginning next year. 
“We are working round the clock on making this an actual product,” Nieuwenhuis said.
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