Teen Russian Model Who Died Working in Shanghai Was Not Poisoned

Teen Russian Model Who Died Working in Shanghai Was Not PoisonedTeen Russian Model Who Died Working in Shanghai Was Not Poisoned
New information contradicting earlier reports about the cause of 14-year-old Russian model Vlada Dzyuba’s death while on a modeling tour in Shanghai last month has surfaced, according to local police.

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Based on claims made by Russian media earlier this week, an autopsy allegedly revealed that there was evidence of poison found in the body of the victim.
This contradicted earlier reports that Vlada fainted from exhaustion following an exhausting “13-hour fashion show” in Shanghai. She reportedly fell into a coma before succumbing to her death due to meningitis just two days later.

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Authorities in Shanghai, however, have dismissed both claims, noting that the teen’s death could not have resulted from poisoning, exhaustion, or any form of foul play, Agence France-Presse reports. 
According to ESEE Model Management, the modeling agency which hired Vlada on a temporary contract, the teenager rarely worked over eight hours in one day and was provided with enough breaks. The agency explained that after Vlada suddenly fell ill during a photoshoot in Yiwu, she was arranged to return to Shanghai to be able to rest at a hotel the next day.

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When it was apparent that her condition was not improving, she was sent to a hospital where she died a few days later. The cause of death was reportedly due to multiple organ failures, which reports surmised to have resulted from blood poisoning. Before her death, the victim also reportedly told doctors that she could not think of anyone who would want to do her harm, leading the investigators to rule out foul play.
Local police in Shanghai released a statement on Friday, which followed the agency’s version of the events. The statement, however, belied reports that the girl was poisoned. The authorities have conducted tests on Vlada’s blood and skin, which found no evidence of poison or any type of drugs.
Meanwhile, the Investigative Committee of Russia reportedly opened up a criminal investigation into her death after her body was transported to Russia last week. Russian media have indicated that after the autopsy conducted by the agency, further tests are set to follow.
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