Plus-size Chinese woman who impersonates ancient beauty spreads body positivity on social media

plus size impersonation
  • A plus-size woman impersonates imperial concubine Yang Guifei at a Tang Dynasty-themed shopping center to promote body confidence amid negative stereotypes.
  • Wang Yu, 28, has been garnering attention for her body positivity role-play content on Weibo, where she has 15,000 followers.
  • After gaining weight from hormonal medication, Wang said that wearing traditional Chinese Hanfu clothing gave her confidence and joy.
  • Although Wang was initially disheartened by negative comments, she began to embrace her body and maintain “an attitude of kindness and optimism.”
  • Wang’s role-play of Yang as a plus-size woman opened a discussion on Weibo about changing negative stereotypes of plus-size body types in China.

Many Weibo users say they are inspired to change negative attitudes towards plus-size body types after watching a 28-year-old woman impersonate a legendary, ancient Chinese beauty with confidence and positivity. 

Wang Yu, from Shanxi Province in central China, has garnered attention for her impersonation of imperial concubine Yang Guifei, also known as Yang Guifei. Wang portrays the historical figure for up to 10 hours a day at a Tang Dynasty-themed shopping center to attract customers and tourists.

With 15,000 followers on Weibo, Wang regularly posts photos of her Hanfu outfits and re-enactments, sharing that it brings her confidence and joy to receive recognition from online users.

After she began to take hormonal medication, Wang gained weight, reaching about 100 kilogram (approximately 220 pounds), which she described as discouraging. When she wore Hanfu clothing for her job, however, she says she began to feel more self-confidence and “pleasure.”

The 28-year-old would initially finish work in tears due to negative comments before learning to not let the criticism affect her optimism.

“I think no matter what your appearance is, you should dress as you like and maintain an attitude of kindness and optimism,” Wang told Chinese news outlet Bailu Video per South China Morning Post.

After Wang’s videos began circulating on Weibo, netizens began engaging in a conversation about body positivity and changing negative stereotypes of larger body types in China. Many have praised Wang for her confidence and positive attitude, saying that she is paving a way for young Chinese boys and girls to embrace their body types and gain confidence.

“Every girl is unique! Confident girls are the most beautiful! Female beauty doesn’t need to be defined!” one top comment said.

“I very much admire her, as I believe that people with confidence bring light to important issues,” another commenter wrote.


Feature Image via Weibo

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