Zara and Sony Collaborate for $50 PlayStation 1 Sneakers


Zara is collaborating with Sony to design PlayStation 1 sneakers that will surely tug at the hearts of many ‘90s kids.

The recently released PlayStation Sony Interactive Entertainment Sneakers by Zara comes in the gray color motif of the original gaming console with the ever-iconic triangle, circle, X and square button symbols, Hypebeast reported.

The iconic power button can be found at the heel part of the sneakers and a small, green rectangular design that imitates the tiny notch for the power light.

Other details include a logo of the original PlayStation console on the tongue, a black strap with PlayStation text written on it and a heel “air” bubble.

Although the style of shoes may come off as a children’s design, adults can also get a pair of these old school sneakers with a maximum size of US 7.

The PlayStation Sony Interactive Entertainment Sneakers is available at Zara’s website for $50.

Images via Zara

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