Malaysian Boy Buys PlayStation 4 With Money From Renting Comics For a Year

A Malaysian boy fulfilled his dream of owning a brand new PlayStation 4 gaming console by setting up a mini-business first and saving up his earnings.

The child, named Irfan, was able to generate a regular passive income by renting out his comic books to his friends.

After a year of saving up the 1 Malaysian Ringgit notes, the entrepreneurial 12-year-old was able to come up with 600 MYR ($144).

Since a PlayStation 4 Slim in Malaysia costs around 1,349 MYR ($322.84), Irfan’s parents decided to chip in to get him the video game console.

Irfan’s sister Farhana recently took to Twitter to share her brother’s impressive accomplishment:

“P/S: My parents did top up little bit for him. He saved around RM600, and the rest my parents paid. But still I’m proud of him,” Farhana wrote.

Netizens who found Irfan’s determination and entrepreneurial skills impressive also expressed their admiration for the boy on Twitter.

“I need this kind of determination for saving money,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Parenting right,” another one wrote, highlighting the way the parents taught the boy on how to properly handle money at a young age. 

Now his comic-loaning business will be used to get games for his new console.

Featured Image via Twitter / farhanailiasa

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