Barber Hilariously Cuts Play Button into Man’s Hair After Seeing Paused Video

A man from China has gone viral on social media for having a play button shaved on his head in what appears to be a hairstyle request gone wrong.

The man, whose name was not revealed, reportedly went to a barbershop to get his hair done.

He showed the barber the style he wanted by pausing a video featuring a model.

The end result showed a triangular play button shaved into the side of the customer’s head.

Influential entertainment blogger “Tian Xiu Bot” shared the images on China’s Weibo on December 30.

It has received over 78,000 likes, 22,000 shares, and 19,000 comments from netizens as of this writing.

The blogger wrote that the barber asked the man if he wanted to keep the triangle as well, according to Unilad.

Confused by his question, the customer agreed without thinking that the triangle he was referring to was the play button.

The customer was surprisingly satisfied with the accidental hair design he received from the barber. He even filmed himself showing off his new hairdo with confidence.

Images via Weibo

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