Plastic Surgery Clinics in Korea: Where to Go and Whom to Trust

Plastic Surgery Clinics in Korea: Where to Go and Whom to Trust
Regen Medical Group
November 1, 2017
“Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can pay for the plastic surgery.” — Joan Rivers.
What is the reason for the high demand in plastic surgeries? The most important factor, perhaps, is the universal fascination with beauty.
Fashion, style, and fitting with standards has become a driving factor in our lives. Everyone wants to imitate the stunning celebrities from our TV screens or gorgeous models looking at us from glossy magazine covers and advertising posters.
Perhaps this is why so many turn to plastic surgery to achieve the looks of the beautiful people who grace runways and red carpets. Plastic surgeries help to restore youth, raise self-esteem, and improve the quality of life in general. Needless to say, plastic surgery can play an important role in everyday life for those who seek it. Some believe changing one’s appearance will help in the search for love, while for others it’s more about increasing self confidence.
Why do so many foreigners visit South Korea for plastic surgery? Firstly, plastic surgery is probably the most popular in cosmetic procedure in South Korea. Secondly, surgeons have much more experience as they conduct more operations than surgeons from other countries and often not just change facial features, but “design” a completely new appearance on a daily basis. And finally, the factor of anonymity plays its role. Not everyone is ready to reveal a look that screams cosmetic enhancements, so Korea’s surgeons like to put a larger focus on a natural look.
Since the industry is quite profitable, there are many plastic surgery clinics in Korea, most of which (around 80%) are located in the Gangnam area in Seoul (local analogue of the Los Angeles area Beverly Hills). Thus, the competition is fierce, and each center tries to attract clients in various ways — not only with medical facilities, but also with worthy service. A personal assistant, a translator for foreign patients, and specialized apartments for rehabilitation are a normal part of the service in many Korean clinics today.
But how to choose the right one? There are both popular and lesser-known clinics in Korea, all of them offering similar services but varying in price. To which should you go and whom to trust? 
Many of the foreigners that come to Korea for plastic surgery mostly go to the well-established ones. On the list of popular plastic surgery hospitals in Korea, “Regen” is regarded as one of the best. The name ‘Regen’ is derived from “regeneration” or “recovery” and is quite fitting, as Regen is one of the places known in Korea for its extensive safety measures for its patients and have a line-up of some of the most famous plastic surgeons in Korea.  
High-tech equipment, comfortable rooms, the best surgeons Korea has to offer and a staff of more than thirty professionals are available to adhere the needs of each individual patient. Each room is fitted up with modern and accurate equipment, which allows treatment only using the most advanced technology to minimize risks for the patient. The key to Regen’s success is their 360 Safety Check-Up, which consists of over 20 tests for patient safety and a personal anesthesiologist assigned to every patient. Today, Regen is a medical group with an established reputation worldwide, whose top surgeons are regular participants of international conferences and seminars within the Global Plastic Surgeon community.
“Let Me In” is a very popular show in Asia, where the program features a number of people that are disfigured in some sort of way. They connect with plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Oh from Regen, and go through a transformation journey, allowing viewers to witness a change in happiness and confidence like never before.
Here are some of the stars from “Let Me In” in the past few seasons:
Other notable establishments include Wonjin, JK, & BK plastic surgery clinics.
Each of us has a desire to “improve”; we want to become smarter, stronger, and of course, more beautiful. But with all the competition out there, it can be hard to know who to trust. Now that plastic surgery in Korea is becoming more accessible to patients coming from abroad, one must know how to distinguish a good clinic from a bad one. Faulty procedures performed by unqualified surgeons is a rising problem that everyone interested in surgery must look out for.
What to focus on when choosing a clinic?
  1. Professional biography of surgeons and anesthesiologists
  2. Availability of monitoring equipment (for observing patients during and after the surgery)
  3. Completeness of preoperative examinations
  4. Possibility of hospitalization
  5. Detailed consultation services with surgeon feedback
Plastic Surgery in Korea – Beauty and Self-Confidence
Plastic surgery is not only meant for changing your appearance, but also give people a boost in self-confidence. This was not always available, but now it is something that money CAN buy. However, changing anything through surgery has its risks, and those who do choose to go the route must choose wisely.
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