A Plastic Bag of Air from a Kanye West Concert Almost Sold for $60,000 on Ebay

Kanye West can sell anything he wants, and his fans will buy it.
Earlier, we reported that West’s new sneakers for Adidas were being sold on eBay for $3,000. Now, apparently, all West has to do is breathe, and it will be worth $60,000. That’s right. A bag of West’s air from a Yeezus concert was being sold on eBay, attracting 90 bidders who skyrocketed the starting price of $5 to $60,000 last Friday.
Apparently, the seller didn’t have to prove that the plastic bag, labeled “Air from Kanye show,” was authentic, like maybe a West signature on the bag would’ve done. The seller, who’s from Pennsylvania, didn’t even have to prove he was at the concert. The description simply said:

“Held bag open and sealed air in.”

Perhaps that’s why the auction website pulled the listing before it sold, according to The Telegraph, which broke the story.
But apparently, West fans don’t care about what’s real or not. Or how much it costs to have a piece of the outspoken rapper. Since Friday, there have been many copycats, according to Mashable, with one user selling a 20-gallon bag of air that could “possibly contain Kanye’s breath,” with bids reaching over $300. Possibly. Have we lost our minds?
The bag is such a hot catch that it’s even being satirized on Ebay.
“Not a Kanye West Bag Of Air” can be yours for $400. The seller wrote:

“This is a bag of air from people who could care less about a bag of air from a Kanye West concert! 🙂 “

Kim Kardashian was surprised by the price too, tweeting:

“WOW he can sell anything!”

Well, maybe not anything. A bag of fart air, allegedly emitted by West, had a starting price on Ebay of $5.00 but didn’t attract either bids or attention.
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