Singaporean TikToker explains why sharing plane ticket photos on social media poses serious risks

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  • A performance coach on TikTok explained why people should not post photos of their plane tickets to social media.
  • Some of the potential risks include exposure of passport numbers and the last four digits of the credit card used to purchase the ticket.
  • The TikToker warned that anyone with ill intentions can make revisions to a flight by accessing information given on a plane ticket.
  • He uses an influencer’s photo he found on Facebook where he shows how easy it is to access personal information through a ticket and to make changes to an existing flight on Singapore Airlines.

A Singaporean performance coach shared a video on TikTok on Sunday explaining the serious risks that come from posting photos of plane tickets on social media. 

The video starts with the TikTok user, Jason Ho, listing the potential consequences of posting photos of plane tickets online, including flight revisions and exposure of an individual’s sensitive information, such as their full name, the last four digits of the credit card used to purchase the ticket, date of birth, email and passport number.  

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He then explained that he used a photo posted by an influencer on Facebook for “educational purposes” and was able to easily access her personal information and make changes to her existing flight.

“Please warn all your friends about this. This is something that anybody can do with some ill intentions [and] they can get into a lot of your details,” Ho said in the video.

Ho showed viewers a photo of the influencer’s post where he blacked out her personal information and pointed to the areas on the ticket that provide sensitive information. He then goes to Singapore Airlines’ website and clicks on “manage booking,” where he types in the information found on the influencer’s ticket.

After pulling up an image of the ticket’s receipt, Ho pointed out the handful of personal information that can be accessed including the traveler’s seat and flight number. He also explained that the flight can be modified and canceled by clicking on “change flights” and “cancel flights.”

“It’s so dangerous; you can get your mobile number, your Gmail address, your passport number, your passport expiry, so many other things [exposed]. Never, ever do this, and if you want to take a photo, please cover [the ticket] with your thumb or something, the e-ticket number especially,” Ho said. 

Ho reassured viewers that the influencer’s information is safe and that he has warned the influencer of posting her plane tickets online in the future.

The video has garnered over 337,000 views and 31,000 likes since uploading.


Feature Image via @coachjasonho/TikTok

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