Adorable Puppy Posing in Front of Famous Hachiko Statue in Japan Will Warm Your Heart

This adorable camera-ready puppy has turned into viral sensation after Twitter user Pita Ochave captured him imitating the pose of the statue of Hachiko in Shibuya, Tokyo, in an attempt to impress his owner.


Hachiko, also known as Japan’s most loyal dog, was discovered and adopted by Japanese professor Hidesaburo Ueno in 1924.

The Akita puppy would go the train station every single day to wait for Ueno to come back home from work.

Even after the professor’s death in 1925, Hachiko would still visit the train station and wait for him, and continued to do so when he was taken in by a new family.

Melting the hearts of millions in Japan, a statue was erected in his honor in 1934.


Ochave told BuzzFeed that she was taking a stroll at a nearby department store when she noticed the pup striking a pose for his owner, who was off to the side taking pictures.

The dog kept posing for him,” said Ochave. “He’d follow his owner’s camera around, so he was always facing his owner’s camera.”

She thought the tiny little dog was so cute that she uploaded the snaps from the photoshoot to Twitter.

The tweet has managed to rack up more than 65,000 retweets, and liked by more than 128,000 people.

Twitter users could not stand the cuteness overload:

One user said she’d steal the small dog in a heartbeat:

Other users pointed out that there was also an equally adorable feline resting underneath the statue before Ochave got there.

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