World’s Largest Pit Bull Fathers Eight Puppies Worth Up to $500,000

Meet Hulk: he is a 175-pound American bulldog and American pit bull terrier mix who made headlines earlier this year because of his enormous size. 
Hulk lives in White Mountains, New Hampshire with his owners Marlon and Lisa Grennan. He just had eight puppies!
The Grennans own a training school on a 15-acre, $1.5 million estate. They’re known for breeding and training American pit bull terriers.
If trained at their school, each of the eight pups could cost up to $55,000.
Marlon Grennan, 28, told the Daily Mail: “This is definitely one of the most valuable litters we have had. If the litter were all trained as protection dogs they could be worth in excess of half-a-million dollars.”
The Grennans say that Hulk is so well-trained that they even let their 3-year-old son interact with him.
Their goal is to show the world that when pit bulls are gentle and balanced, they can be the greatest dogs in the world. 
The Grennans’ breeding of Hulk has also been met with a lot of scrutiny. According to the United Kennel Club, there can be serious issues with breeding American pit bull terriers this large: “Excessively large or overly massive dogs and dogs with a height and/or weight so far from what is desired as to compromise health, structure, movement and physical ability.”
According to Bancroft TV, all the puppies were sold before they were even born. If you are looking for cute pitbull puppies for sale, you might want to visit sites like for more options. Check out Hulk and his new puppies in action.
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