Pit Bull Drags Baby by the Diaper to Safety During Apartment Fire

Pit Bull Drags Baby by the Diaper to Safety During Apartment FirePit Bull Drags Baby by the Diaper to Safety During Apartment Fire
An 8-month-old pit bull became an unlikely hero in a fire that roasted a fourplex apartment in Stockton, California, on June 3.
Nana Chaichanhda and her 7-month-old baby were sleeping around 10 p.m. when Sasha, their dog, started making noises.
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According to Nana, Sasha was “banging and crying” at her backyard door in an apparent attempt to wake them up.
To her surprise, a fire was spreading quickly in their fourplex apartment. Her neighbors’ home was already covered in flames, and their place was next.
Nana and her family. Image: Screenshot via WDHN
“Little did I know she was trying to warn us of the fire. I got out of bed to see what was going on. At that moment I opened the back door and Sasha ran into our home, straight into our bedroom. I was confused for a minute, then realized my cousin’s home next door was up in flames,” she said.
When Nana returned to her bedroom, she saw Sasha dragging her daughter off the bed by her diaper.
Image: Screenshot via WDHN
“I ran into the bedroom, where Sasha was already dragging my seven-month-old baby off the bed by her diaper. Thanks to Sasha, we were able to get out safe and call 911,” she added.
Firefighters were able to put out the blaze in most of the apartment, but Nana and her cousin’s homes were destroyed. Fortunately, everyone got out of their places safely.
Nana praised Sasha, “I owe Sasha my life and my children’s. She saved us all. She is our hero. Without her, we would’ve never made it out.”
In the wake of the tragedy, a GoFundMe page was set up to help Nana’s family — with Sasha, of course — start a new life in a new home. The page had met its $6,000 goal.
Image: Screenshot via WDHN
GoFundMe users commented:
“God bless. Dogs are our best friends for sure.”
“Prayers for your family and your pup to find a new home.”
“Give Sasha and your baby a hug for all of us.”
“Dogs are the best! So happy everyone is safe. Don’t forget treats for Sasha!”
“God bless you, your family and your wonderful dog. What an angel.”
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