Pikachu Speaks Actual Words in the New Pokémon Movie and People are Screaming

Pikachu has a surprise at the end of the latest Pokémon movie that left many fans losing their shit.

“Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You”, a retelling of the original TV series, is currently playing in theaters in the United States.

In the film, Ash and Pikachu go on a quest together to hunt for a legendary Pokémon called Ho-oh.

While many have been disappointed that Misty and Brock have been replaced with two new characters, the film has been generally been well-received by fans. 

Except, probably, the surreal sequence in the film where Pikachu started speaking like a human, telling his trainer and companion Ash Ketchum that he “always wants to be with you”.

The polarizing scene, which elicited alarmed gasps and screams from moviegoers, can be found at the end of the film when Ash rescues Pikachu from being attacked. After a bunch of evil Pokémon hit them, there was a huge explosion and Ash can be seen thrown to the ground, holding Pikachu. 

When Ash asked Pikachu to get in his Poké Ball, Pikachu refused. This prompted Ash to asks why Pikachu never wanted to be in his Poké Ball. Pikachu then responds with, “It’s because I always want to be with you.”

Recordings from the cinema capturing audience reactions have emerged online: (Major spoilers ahead)

Reactions from social media are not too different, with many refusing to accept what they just witnessed:

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