Girl Gets Trapped Inside Claw Machine Reaching for Pikachu Doll

A young girl in southeastern China was stuck inside a claw machine after climbing through the flap to ensure that she gets hold of a Pikachu doll.

The incident occurred at a shopping mall in Dongguan, Guangdong province on June 20, Kanka News reported.


According to the girl’s mother, she was tending to her two other toddlers when her eldest daughter slipped away and ended up inside the claw machine.

Shoppers reportedly called the police at the sight of the girl, but it still took 20 minutes to get her out as the mall staff in charge of the machine’s key was away.

Surprisingly, the girl remained calm and collected throughout her stay inside the “Lucky Baby” claw machine.

She was retrieved safely and sustained no injuries throughout the incident.

The machine has since been pulled from display in the area, with police telling staff to carry out routine checks on other units.

Meanwhile, parents were asked to be more vigilant about their children’s whereabouts at the mall.

The scene, which was captured on video, has since gone viral on Chinese social media.

While the incident could have been dangerous for the little girl, netizens sympathized with her pursuit of the prize.

Weibo users commented:

“I totally understand her. I also want to get inside the machine when I can’t catch anything.”

“This is actually miserable, but I can’t stop myself from laughing.”

“There are flaws in the machine’s design. These must be fixed.”

“Well, it’s really tough for a mom to bring three children.”

“Someone tell me how to get in.”

Images: Screenshots via Pear Video

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