Pick-Up Artist Living in Asia Tries To Steal Women From Their Boyfriends

Pick-Up Artist Living in Asia Tries To Steal Women From Their Boyfriends
Ryan General
June 7, 2018
Self-proclaimed “Pick-Up Artist” Nicholas Coakley is the embodiment of the “sexpat” stereotype of Western men teaching English in Asia.
The English teacher-turned-David Bond disciple goes by “Explorer Nick” on YouTube, where he posts his conquests of “picking up” Asian women.
In his videos, the British YouTuber shows off his so-called pick up “artistry” by invading people’s spaces to the point of harassing them and taking advantage of their politeness — one video in particular being incredibly rude where he specifically seeks women with their boyfriends, asking them for their contact information.
But since not everyone has the patience to endure such douchery, Coakley’s encounters usually end in cringe-worthy situations.
In his very first video titled “Picking Up Korean Girls | Are Korean Girls Easy?” he posits an interesting observation in which he attributed the rejections to racism.
“I do get more of a sense that Koreans are more racist towards White people,” Coakley said. “So many old ladies knocked me away with their purse.”
The video, which has since been viewed almost 70,000 times, is just one of many videos of him chasing Asian women randomly on the street with a GoPro camera attached to his head.
Coakley made headlines a month ago after one of his targets, a Thai model, filed a report with local police for posting the video of their encounter on YouTube and Patreon.
Being a creep online has become a lucrative gig for many YouTubers who exploit others in the guise of pranks, “social experiments” and “PUA” demonstrations.
They would either use the platform to monetize their sleazy content or to promote their Patreon page where followers pay money for access.
Featured Image via YouTube / Explorer Nick
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