Musician Always Attracts His Cats With Soothing Piano Skills

Musician Always Attracts His Cats With Soothing Piano Skills
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
November 1, 2018
Meet Sarper Duman, a musician based in Istanbul, Turkey who is helping everyone forget about their worries with his videos showing him playing the piano and occasionally cuddling with his cats.
The musician shares his works on his Instagram account, which has already amassed over 811,000 followers.
There really is something soothing about the way he plays his piano, and it might have something to do with the cat that’s relaxing in front of him as he graciously performs his calming musical compositions.
Aside from being a talented musician, Duman is also an animal rescuer. According to Mashable, he is now taking care of 19 cats.
It’s clear in the videos he posts online that he truly loves these cute little furballs.
If that wasn’t enough to make you go “aww,” Duman also takes in stray kittens and nurses them all back to health.
So in case you need a pick-me-up, Duman is your man. Follow him on Instagram to see more adorable cat piano videos.
Featured image via Instagram / sarperduman
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