Monk Becomes Instant Millionaire in Thailand After Winning the Lottery

A Buddhist monk from Thailand has become an instant millionaire after winning the top prize at the local lottery in Bangkok.

Phra Prawit Techapalo, of Cheepakhao Temple in Samut Sakhon was featured on major local newspapers when he made the announcement about his lucky break on Friday, Morning News reported (via Coconuts Bangkok).

A practitioner of religious asceticism for 10 years, Techapalo claimed that he got his lucky number from the textures of a teak tree at his temple, which he interpreted as 84.

He then purchased ticket number 638684 along with five other ticket combinations at the Mahachai Market. The lucky ticket got him the first prize and was awarded 6 million Thai Baht (around $175,000).

In an interview with local press, he revealed that he plans to use his winnings to purchase a house for his mother and put the rest of the money in savings for his child’s future education. He said he will also donate some money for a funeral for the temple’s abbot who recently passed away.

Observers were quick to point out something strange about the whole incident. As a monk, Techapalo is supposed to refrain from desire and money. According to him, he bought multiple lottery tickets each month in hopes of getting the jackpot.

Monks are known to adopt an ascetic lifestyle, vowing abstinence from worldly pleasures and dedicating themselves toward pursuing spiritual goals.

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