Man Hilariously Photoshops Himself into Everyday Stock Images

No one likes those pesky people who enjoy photobombing what could have been a memorable Kodak moment. However, one man, Matthew Vescovo, took it upon himself to perfect the art of photobombing by artistically Photoshopping himself into stock photos.

As an art director in advertising for the past 20 years,Vescovo grew tired of sifting through endless stock images of staged events and fake smiles. He came up with the ingenious idea for a project called “The Stock Photobomber,” in which he creatively placed himself in hilarious scenes that prove to be more entertaining than the original photos.

Vescovo explained his motivation behind his project on his website:

“I find that when I look at stock photos, I experience the same uncomfortable feeling I have when my bank tellers asks me with a forced smile, how my morning is going or when I eat “Chick’n” or see an interview with Tom Cruise. It’s not simply that my teller’s greeting, the vegan meat substitute and the celebrity scientologist are fake, it’s how hard they pretend that they’re not–that’s what really gets under my skin.”

Family having birthday party

Drunk Uncle at niece’s birthday

Newlywed couple in a limo

The ex-boyfriend who can’t let go

Intimate couple in bed kissing

Roommate with boundary issues

Stressed housewife

Husband taking dump in stew

It looks like just a normal party

Deodorant, anyone? 

Do you wanna build a snowman? 

…ok, bye…

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