Before and After Photos of Pikachu Cake Go Viral, Horrify the Internet

Having a Pikachu-themed cake may seem like a perfect idea for any Pokémon-loving couple for their wedding, but think again.

We all universally love both cake and Pokémon until, of course, the slicing begins and Pikachu keeps its haunting gaze.

Pikachu does, in fact, make for a cute wedding cake. Its bright colors and positive vibe make for an adorable centerpiece at the wedding table. What one bride and groom did not foresee, however, was the disastrous outcome for the cuddly character when it’s time to feast on the event’s main dessert.

According to Rocketnews 24, Twitter user @manami1030 showed how something so adorable can end up looking so disastrous in just a few seconds via her recent tweet:

Having poor Pikachu sliced up is made even more terrifying with its unblinking eyes. It definitely is a good reminder to not use the same idea at children’s parties.

Japanese netizens, of course, responded accordingly:

“I lost my appetite.”

“Did it evolve into a caterpillar?”“It’s a Pika-autopsy!”

“This should require a NSFW tag.”

“I hope there were no children present to be traumatized for life.”

“Well, I’ll be seeing that smile in my nightmares tonight!”

Then there’s one twitter response which hilariously summed the ridiculousness of it all :

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