Chinese Company Creates Photo With a 195-Gigapixel Resolution


A Chinese company has reportedly created an image with a resolution so high that people’s facial expressions can be visible from thousands of meters away when zoomed in.

The image was made possible by a company called Jingkun Technology (BigPixel), Business Insider reports.

Taken from atop the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, China, the photographic marvel reportedly has an unprecedented 195-gigapixel resolution.

A gigapixel is equal to a billion pixels; meaning the photo features a whopping 195 billion pixels in total.

It’s an impressive feat since current cameras only take images in megapixels, producing photos with 12-20 million total pixels.

When the image first emerged on social media, netizens were convinced that the image was taken by some futuristic Chinese satellite “quantum technology.”

According to BigPixel, it’s a collection of images taken over a few months and integrated together to form one gigantic image.

The technique, called “image-stitching technology,” allowed the firm to create photos that are over 2,000 times as precise as those captured by an ordinary camera. 

The firm has also created a mesmerizing 360-degree snapshot of DanDong, North Korea and a magnificent view of a beach in Thailand. Check out the zoom feature for the image here.

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