Photo Study of Almost 300 Escorts Reveals How Skin Color Affects Price

Escorts working in Las Vegas could very well be charging patrons based on their skin color, a new study suggests. compiled 277 escort photos and ran them on a face-morphing software to come up with average facial features within four price points. These include 95 male, 105 female and 77 female transgender images.

The price points were separated between hourly rates of $10 to $99, $100 to $249, $250 to $499 and $500 and above.

As it turned out, male escort prices increase as their skin tone gets lighter and their features “become more refined and model-like.” The same observations are found among female escorts, including those who look younger.

Interestingly, the most expensive female transgender escorts have the darkest skin. Those who have the lightest skin charge between $250 and $499.

Other findings revealed that prices go up as male escorts have fuller lips, more defined eyebrows, lighter hair and wear “nicer clothing.” Female transgender escorts who charge more look “professionally made-up,” while those who make less have “somewhat plain hairstyles.”

The study excluded male transgender escorts for the “overall lack” of available images.

It must be noted, however, that prostitution remains illegal in the United States except for some counties in Nevada. It is illegal in Clark County where the city of Las Vegas is located.

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