BuzzFeed’s ’30-Min Pho’ Video is an Absolute Abomination

pho soup

BuzzFeed Tasty, the popular Instagram account for quick meals and procrastination, recently released a video detailing how to make pho, a popular Vietnamese soup, and viewers had a lot to say in the comments.

The video was split into two parts, with the first section of the video showing how to prep the noodles. The chicken was prepared with a chicken broth along with ginger, peppercorn and coriander seeds to name a few ingredients.

The second half of the video showed how the soup itself is put together, with essential elements of pho such as bean sprouts and Thai basil.

Pho takes hours to prepare and in the BuzzFeed Tasty way, they managed to shorten the process. However, many people were quick to comment on the lack of authenticity of the soup.

Pho has been Americanized multiple times and many in the Vietnamese community have been especially critical of it.

What do you think of this latest take on pho?

Screenshots and Featured Images via Instagram / @buzzfeedtasty

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