Elderly Man Looking at His ‘Date’ in McDonald’s Sparks Hope That Love Exists

An elderly man endearingly gazing into his “date’s” eyes inside a McDonald’s in the Philippines has given the internet hope in love that stands the tests of time.

The heartwarming scene was captured by Al Oliver Reyes Alonzo, who then shared it on Facebook on May 21.

Image via Facebook / Al Oliver Reyes Alonzo

“When we grow old, I’d still look at you like this,” Alonzo captioned the photo, which has received more than 83,000 shares and 58,000 reactions.

The powerful post also drew in at least 31,000 comments, many from netizens who tagged their own loved ones to suggest what clearly has become a #relationshipgoal.

It’s unclear when and where exactly the photo was taken, but such details are undeniably trumped by all the feels it conveys.

Netizens commented:

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