The Philippines Grew 10 Million Extra Mangoes Because of Unusual Warm Weather

The Philippines is currently facing such an overflowing supply of excess mangoes that the government is now scrambling to come up with a plan to make sure it won’t all go to waste.

Agricultural Secretary Emmanuel Piñol spoke to reporters on Monday and revealed that there are currently millions of mangoes in supply, and they are in a time crunch to find something to do about it.

There is a surplus of about 2 million kilos of mangoes now, and this is only in Luzon,” he said, referring to one of the Philippines three main islands – the other two being Visayas and Mindanao – via Bloomberg. “We need to do something about this in the next two weeks.”

For the whole month of June, the Department of Agriculture through its Agriculture Marketing Assistance Service (AMAS) will aim to sell at least 1 million kilos of fresh mangoes in the country’s capital Metro Manila, said Piñol in his Facebook post.

“The Metro Mango Marketing Program is a result of the appeal of growers from Luzon who experienced a bumper harvest of mango following the long dry spell caused by El Niño which precipitated profuse flowering and fruiting this season.”

The government plans to drop the cost for a kilogram of mangoes down to 20 to 50 Philippine pesos ($0.39 to $0.96).

Featured image via Flickr / Lemuel Cantos (CC BY 2.0)

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