Philippine Program Meant to Feed People Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

A feeding program sponsored by the local government of a province in the Philippines is getting some attention on social media for all the wrong reasons due to an unfortunate gaffe.

Netizens have been poking fun at the event’s banner which bore the program theme, “Gift Giving, Cum Feeding” — a title kind of befitting a cheesy clip from Pornhub.  

When an image of the controversial tarpaulin emerged on Wednesday, it earned a barrage of ridicule and criticisms from Facebook users.

When asked by GMA News what they meant by using the word “cum” on their poster, moderators of the Laguna provincial governor Ramil Hernandez’ Facebook page replied in Filipino that what they meant was to “come with.”

They are, of course, referring to the Latin word cum we often use with the term cum laude, which means “with honors.”

The page administrators then pointed the network to the program’s facilitator, Gender and Development Program head Arlet Estrosa, 44, who also understood the word “cum” as such.

While it is indeed true, cum is more frequently used to refer to the semen ejaculated by men during sexual acts. Was Estrosa familiar of the definition? “Oh, no,” she said. “We really don’t know any other meaning. No one else here knows how else it’s used.”

She has now vowed to never use the word again after seeing the people’s reaction on social media.

“Writing also requires choosing your words for your audience,” wrote one Facebook user. “The Latin word ‘cum’ may mean ‘with’ in English (like cum laude or with honors), but it may also mean different to others who are not familiar with the term used.”

“That’s why it’s important to have good writers and editors,” another one pointed out.

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