Philippine President Describing His Sex Life is a Whole Lot of No

Philippine President Describing His Sex Life is a Whole Lot of No
Ryan General
By Ryan General
October 6, 2016
Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte may still be tough and macho at 71 years old, but when it comes to  romantic relationships, he admitted that he may be too old for such.
The leader who is set to mark his first 100 days in office on Saturday, has a common-law wife and has admitted to having multiple mistresses in the past.
In a speech with local officials on Tuesday,  Duterte revealed that he does not believe women may still find him attractive and those who say they do might only be after his money, according to the Philippine Star.
“I do not have a companion,” Duterte was quoted as saying. “If I court someone, will they reciprocate my feelings? Nobody will. I’m old. I’m 71. They are only after my money. Would they still want my body? What would my body give to them?”
He also spoke in jest about having a diminishing sexual appetite due to old age.
“The problem is once you have positioned yourself, you no longer have the bullet train of Japan; people of our age only have the Western train of the cowboys. Tsug- tsug- tsug.
“This is the only train in the world that can go backwards. Once you restart, it does not work any more,” he said.
The controversial president, who has recently made international headlines for his recent tirades against the POTUS, is enjoying a high satisfaction rating in the Philippines amid his “war on drugs” campaign.
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