Philippine City of Cebu Gets Voted as The Worst Place in the World For Drivers

While Filipinos have recently been nagging on social media about how bad the traffic in Manila has become as the Duterte government tests new traffic control schemes, another Philippine city has earned the rating of being the “worst place in the world to be a driver.”
According to a recent study conducted by transport app Waze, the southern city of Cebu ranked at the very bottom of its Driver Satisfaction Index, under 185 other major cities.
The report, which analysed the driving experiences of millions of the app’s users in 38 countries, was published in the company blog on Tuesday.
The questionnaire included in the research took account of the city’s traffic density and severity, quality of roads and infrastructure, road safety, driver services, social economics, and the happiness and helpfulness of the Waze community, or its “wazeyness.”
Waze limited its sample to 38 countries, focusing on places with more than 20,000 active monthly users to ensure data accuracy and fair market comparisons. The survey used only a single score system of 1, indicating “miserable”, to 10, indicating “satisfying”.
The scenic Cebu, dubbed by locals as the “Queen city of the South”, received a driver satisfaction index of 1.15. The city was “ranked as the least satisfying, or the worst place in the world to be a driver,” Waze said in the post. Manila, which was ranked with the “worst traffic on earth” last year, took the 170th spot this year.
Bogor, Indonesia came in close 2nd, while San Salvador, El Salvador and Denpasar and Bandung in Indonesia, came in 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.
Overall, El Salvador ranked as the worst country to be a driver, with the Philippines at second place.
“El Salvador, the Philippines, Guatemala, Panama and Indonesia are the least satisfying places to drive globally, largely due to intense traffic and low Wazeyness and socioeconomic factors,” the report said.
The Netherlands topped the list for being the most satisfying place in the world to drive in for its “smooth traffic conditions and solid road quality and infrastructure.” France, the United States, the Czech Republic and Sweden, completed the top five best places to drive.
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