Philadelphia Couple Confronts Man Who Allegedly Called Them ‘Disease Spreader’

Philadelphia Couple Confronts Man Who Allegedly Called Them ‘Disease Spreader’Philadelphia Couple Confronts Man Who Allegedly Called Them ‘Disease Spreader’
A Philadelphia man was recently put on blast after allegedly calling a couple of Asian Americans “disease spreader” and “pandemic spreader” amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The video, shared by Facebook user Adrianne Kiara, shows an unidentified man mocking the couple while being confronted for spreading hate as the world continues to fight the coronavirus infection.
The man allegedly yelled at the couple and called them a “disease spreader” while at a stoplight.
“THIS is what’s wrong with America,” Kiara said in her post. “Spewing out racist remarks and calling it an ‘opinion.’ Then running away and denying it when brought face to face with the people that you’re sending hate to and about.”
The words “Philadelphia Quality Roofing” can be seen at the back of his truck. Kiara also linked a couple of Facebook pages with the same name as their business.
However, after the video became viral, the business left a comment on the post explaining that they don’t know who the man is nor what he was doing with their signs in his truck. They also clarified that their trucks are lettered and have ladder racks installed at the back.
Photo via Philadelphia Quality Roofing
“We are very sorry you had to go through this but this man does not work for our company,” the family-owned business said in its comment. “We leave lawn signs at every job completed all over the city. We are not sure what this man is doing with one of our signs. All of our company trucks are lettered and have ladder racks. If someone like this worked for us, they would be fired immediately. We are showing this video to see if anyone recognizes him, and hopefully can get to the bottom of this.”
Screenshot via Adrianne Kiara
Feature Image Screenshot via Adrianne Kiara
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