UPDATE: Philadelphia Police Reveal Group Assaulted and Robbed Man in October 2019

UPDATE: Philadelphia Police Reveal Group Assaulted and Robbed Man in October 2019
Carl Samson
March 23, 2020
Editor’s Note: This post has been updated with the latest information from the Philadelphia Police Department.
Police have reportedly identified two individuals from a group that sucker-punched and robbed a man in Philadelphia.
The incident, which was filmed and posted on Instagram last Thursday, took place at 3000 N. Sheridan St. (W. Clearfield and N. Sheridan), according to Philadelphia Councilman David Oh. In the most recent update to this story on Monday March 32, Officer Torres of the Philadelphia PD revealed that the video was of 2019 incident.
“The incident occurred on October 7, 2019, the victim is a Hispanic male. The investigation is active and on-going with East Detectives Division.”
Image Screenshot via @jaydothemostIn the video, four men can be seen walking towards the victim, who quickly attempts to change direction.
However, one of the attackers manages to block the victim, throwing him a right hook.
Image Screenshot via @jaydothemost
The victim falls onto the curb face-first.
Another immediately drops a traffic cone on his head.
Image Screenshot via @jaydothemost
Another then steals the victim’s belongings from his pocket.
It’s unclear what happened to the victim, who remains unidentified.
Image Screenshot via @jaydothemost
Instagram user @jaydothemost, who uploaded the video, captioned the post, “He got the cone on his head yooo.”
Shortly after NextShark had reached out for a comment, the Instagram account was deactivated.
In an update over the weekend, Councilman Oh reported that police had identified two of the suspects and managed to obtain information about the others.
“I just got off the phone with a Deputy Police Commissioner. The police have done some outstanding work,” Oh wrote on Facebook. “They were aware of the post and identified 2 individuals. Both have prior arrests. They have information on the others.”
Facebook users slammed the suspects’ actions.
“Wtf?!?! Trash. I have no words right now. Just pure anger,” one wrote.
“It’s time to fight back,” another commented. “S*** like this gets me so pissed, makes me wanna walk around and sucker-punch young wannabe thugs and record that s*** too. I wanna stoop to their level.”
Image Screenshot via @jaydothemost
Anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects is urged to call the Philadelphia Police Department’s tip hotline at (215) 686-TIPS (8477) or send them an email at [email protected].
Meanwhile, Oh is asking anyone with information about the victim to email him at [email protected] or call 215.686-3452.
Feature Image Screenshots via @jaydothemost
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