Pro Golfer Leaves Epic Tip For Kids at Lemonade Stand

Pro Golfer Leaves Epic Tip For Kids at Lemonade Stand
Augustine Reyes Chan
June 9, 2015
Here’s a lesson for kids who set up a lemonade stand on their curb this summer.
That’s exactly what happened to Roland Van Karsen, 6, and his sister Elise, 8. According to The Columbus Dispatch, Mickelson reportedly drove up to the lemonade stand last Thursday near Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio, and ordered a glass of lemonade for a $1. Before departing, he pressed a $100 bill in Roland’s hand and thanked him, and the brother and sister made a $99 tip.
While Elise didn’t recognize Mickelson, Roland did, having seen him practicing rounds at a golf club the day before. He told the Dispatch:
“All we were doing was sitting here, and all we saw was this white car drive up, and it was close, and he said ‘Can I have a glass of lemonade?’ and all it took was one little thing for him to give us a good tip.”
It happened very quickly. According to the children’s mother, Ann:
“We didn’t take any pictures, we didn’t get any autographs.It happened so fast that we were kind of stunned. What a great guy, though, right? So generous and the kids will have a memory like that forever.”
So what are the kids going to do with the money? Roland is saving up for a Nerf gun while Elise says she wants a Kindle.
Maybe with the tournament happening near their home, they might get lucky again. But whatever the outcome, the kids have just experienced their 15 minutes of fame.
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