Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Searches For Thai Heroes Who Saved Her During 2004 Tsunami

Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Searches For Thai Heroes Who Saved Her During 2004 TsunamiVictoria’s Secret Supermodel Searches For Thai Heroes Who Saved Her During 2004 Tsunami
An international supermodel from the Czech Republic is on a mission to find the kind people who helped her during the 2004 tsunami in Thailand.
Petra Němcová, 39, is reportedly going to Thailand in December look for her heroes, according to a recent Facebook post by Thai filmmaker Pokchonn Dissayabutra.
With the help of Pokchonn, the former Victoria’s Secret model and Sports Illustrated cover girl is making an upcoming documentary about her experience during the catastrophe some 14 years ago. Pokchonn, who serves as the production manager for the film, has asked netizens to help Němcová be reunited with her rescuers. Pokchonn’s post has reportedly attracted some leads from locals which she is currently verifying, Coconuts Media reports.
Němcová and her British fiance Simon Atlee were both enjoying their stay at a local resort on Dec. 26, 2004 when a massive tidal wave crashed into the shore nearby.
The wave smashed into buildings and the powerful rushing waters washed away everything in their path.
Němcová soon lost track of her fiance after the two were separated from the ensuing chaos. His corpse would be discovered several weeks later, along with an estimated 280,000 other victims.
The supermodel reportedly grabbed on to a palm tree; waves of water carried objects that kept crashing unto her. For hours, she saw floating corpses and pieces of torn homes.
While she survived the ordeal, she sustained fractures in four different spots of her pelvis and suffered internal bleeding in her abdomen and uterus.

According to Pokchonn, Němcová is now looking for the people who helped her during the calamity.
She mentioned of the Thai man who spotted her in a palm tree and called others to help bring her down. She was also reportedly looking for a male patient in the hospital bed next to her who calmed her down. The man even gave her his Buddhist pendant when she was in a panic.
Němcová also wants to meet the baby girl named “Tsunami” who was born the day of the catastrophe. It was not revealed on the post who Tsunami was and where was she born.
A year after the catastrophe, Němcová founded a charitable organization called Happy Hearts Fund (HHF), which aims to rebuild and renew schools affected by natural disasters.
Since starting in 2005, the group has rebuilt 208 schools in 10 countries including Thailand, Indonesia, and Haiti.
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