PETA Sparks Outrage Among Asians in Vegan ‘Meme’ Article

An article published by PETA has been causing a stir on Twitter for its purportedly culturally insensitive narrative on what it’s like to be an Asian vegan.

The post is a series of images with captions asserting that Asians are treated a specific way for their chosen lifestyle. The problem, however, is that many Asians are already vegan or vegetarian due to their culture and/or religion; PETA failed to even give so much as a nod to this demographic, its glaring omission perpetuating the notion that Asians are generally a monolith.

Twitter user Tiffany Diane first noticed the offending article, posting it and tagging the organization:

Soon, other Twitter users joined in, voicing their frustrations.

Even Jenn Fang of Reappropriate chimed in, sharing her thoughts on the matter:

PETA eventually responded to Fang’s criticisms…

…and was met by further criticism from netizens.

What do you think? Was this article on Asian vegans distasteful, or is the response an overreaction? Let us know in the comments!

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