Pet Owners Reunited With Dog Stolen During Anniversary Trip to SF

Pet Owners Reunited With Dog Stolen During Anniversary Trip to SF

June 15, 2021
Leo, a 10-year-old Yorkie, is now back in the care of his owners after being stolen from a car during a trip to San Francisco last week.
Safe and sound: Leo and his owners, Jacqueline Zavala Lee and Refugio Zavala, were reunited on Sunday after someone informed the SFPD that the dog they bought in Oakland, Calif., matched the description of the missing canine, according to KRON4.
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  • Zavala Lee immediately recognized Leo after a sergeant sent the owners a picture of the dog.
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  • The couple, who were celebrating their 12th anniversary at the time of the incident, drove from Stockton to pick Leo up.
  • “There are still good people out there. It sounds so cliche but the goodness of humanity is still there. The good still outweighs the dark,” they said while thanking the people who brought Leo to the authorities.
What happened before: After going on more than seven hours of tours with Leo, the couple decided to leave him in his carrier to sleep inside their parked car in Fisherman’s Wharf on June 10, Zavala Lee told ABC7 News.
  • An hour later, they returned to their vehicle, only to find Leo’s blanket on the sidewalk and a smashed window.
  • Zavala Lee believed the thieves planned to take their belongings, but Leo was there to guard their things. “I’m 100% sure that if it had not been for Leo there they probably would’ve taken everything…money can be remade and stuff can be rebought but Leo. He is our baby,” she said.
  • She offered up a $1,000 reward to anyone who could return Leo to them.
Featured Image via NBC Bay Area (left), @DionLimTV (right)
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