Pet Owner Fights Dog Thief With a Machete After Flipping His Van Over

Pet Owner Fights Dog Thief With a Machete After Flipping His Van OverPet Owner Fights Dog Thief With a Machete After Flipping His Van Over
A pet owner in China managed to save his three dogs from a thief after he chased him down and flipped over his van, then continued to fight the suspect using a machete.
The incident happened on Monday in the streets of Shanwei in southern China’s Guangdong Province, the Daily Mail reported.
It all started at around 5 a.m. on Monday when the unidentified pet owner noticed that his three dogs were missing. After reviewing surveillance footage, he realized that they were taken and dragged into a van by a man, according to a police statement.
He then immediately notified Luhe Police about the crime before jumping into his car to chase down the dog thief.
Upon catching up with the suspect, security footage from the area shows the dog owner crashing into the van and flipping it over. He then approached the suspect’s car while carrying what appears to be a machete.
In another clip, the suspect can be seen initiating a fight with the thief as he was stranded inside his flipped van.
Bystanders in the area noticed the fight and immediately called the police. After the arrest, the man was later identified as 44-year-old Xie from southwest China’s Sichuan Province.
Authorities confiscated many items from Xie’s vehicle including lassos, a rod, a butterfly catcher, and a hammer, which were all believed to have been used to capture the dogs. Four fake number plates were also recovered from the van of the suspect.
He later admitted to the crime and is now in police custody.
However, it’s unclear if Xie intended to resell the dogs as pets or kill them and sell their meat to a market.
A similar event with a tragic ending happened earlier this year when a man took justice into his own hands and killed a dog thief by plowing him through a pillar with his van. However, he was charged with manslaughter after he was taken to prison for the incident.
Images via YouTube / Daily Mail
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