Woman Sings to Her Dog Before It Passes Away in Heartbreaking Viral Video

pet dog

A video posted on Facebook has gone viral for showing a female pet owner singing to her dying pet dog as he takes his final breath.

The clip, posted on a Facebook page, shows a Korean family saying their final goodbyes to their dog named Okey, who has been with them for the past 16 years, according to World of Buzz.

The video starts off with Okey being cradled by the owner’s son as a woman sings him a song.

As the video continues, the woman tells her dog that she loves him. Okey, who seemingly understood what his human companion said, nods in response.

She also thanked Okey and asked him to go peacefully. The dog passes away at the three-minute mark of the video and the sound of crying family members filled the room.

The video ends with a picture of Okey’s funeral and the woman kissing the furry little member of her family for the last time.

Rest in peace, Okey.

Featured Image Screenshot via Facebook / 开心宠物园

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