Perverted Chinese Professor Allegedly Accepts Female Students Based on ‘Breasts, Face, Ass And Legs’

Perverted Chinese Professor Allegedly Accepts Female Students Based on ‘Breasts, Face, Ass And Legs’

January 23, 2017
Qiao Mu, a news broadcasting professor at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, is taking heat for a blog post he published about how he accepts female students who want to take his class based on looks.
We interviewers are people too, you know. I didn’t know if she was testing me or I was testing her,” Mu wrote of one female applicant who wore a deep V-neckline and had “heaving breasts” in a post about the admissions and interviewing process.
The pervert also revealed how he looks for an ideal candidate while interviewing the school’s postgraduate applicants, most of whom are women, according to Shanghaiist.
Breasts first, face second, ass third and legs fourth,” he wrote. “Besides checking out their whole body when they first come in, once they sit down, you can look at the first two.
Mu’s disgustingly sexist remarks have led many netizens to ask how he ended up with the responsibility of interviewing students for nearly a decade.
But others somehow came to the professor’s aid, commenting that first impressions matter, especially in the news broadcasting industry.
Beijing Foreign Studies University has opened up an investigation into Mu’s controversial remarks, and stated that he no longer teaches students at the school after “violating discipline at work” in 2014, and now works at the library.
The perverted professor has defended his blog post, telling Sixth Tone in an interview that he was just writing about his “feelings” not “official admissions standards.
In fact, I never judge female candidates by their appearance in my interviews,” said Mu. “I treat them with the utmost compassion and respect.
The South China Morning Post reported that he has still been interviewing student applicants since he was suspended in 2014, but also maintained his title of associate professor at the school.
In 2015, Mu told the Guardian that he believed he was suspended as punishment for giving his support to multi-party democracy and freedom of speech.
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