Woman Beats Up Man Who Groped Her in Broad Daylight in Viral Video


A woman in China wasted no time to retaliate against a man who allegedly groped her in broad daylight.

The moment, which was caught on surveillance camera, occurred along a street in Yichang, Hubei Province on Oct. 10.


After being molested, the victim, identified as Li, pulled out her phone to film the alleged attacker, who then tried to stop her.

But as seen in the video, she punches, chases and kicks him to the ground.

The man tries to stop Li from recording him. Surveillance Footage Screenshot via Yichang Police

It turns out Li was not the only victim of the alleged pervert that day. Before her, another woman claimed to have been molested by the man.

The first victim also beat the pervert. However, he managed to stay in the area, targeting Li next.

Li delivers a kick from the man’s behind, sending him to the ground. Surveillance Footage Screenshot via Yichang Police

Police launched an investigation and arrested the suspect on the same day after receiving the victims’ reports. Apparently, the 48-year-old had already been detained for 10 days on Sept. 21 for similar offenses.

The suspect, who is unemployed, was charged on Monday and will be detained for 15 days. Police hailed Li and the first victim as “textbook examples” of how people should defend themselves in similar instances of sexual harassment.

The suspect, 48 and unemployed, is arrested on the same day. Image via Yichang Police

“I was just thinking that if he keeps doing the same thing, more people will get hurt,” Li said.

Social media users praised her quick response:

“That final kick is so professional! The man clearly fell on the ground on his joints.”

“This woman is great. However, if the man had a knife, this might have a completely different ending.”

Feature Image Screenshots via Yichang Police

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