Pervert Rubs Indonesian Woman’s Thigh on Bus, Police Don’t Think It’s a Big Deal

Pervert Rubs Indonesian Woman’s Thigh on Bus, Police Don’t Think It’s a Big Deal
Ryan General
March 9, 2017
Just two days after the historic Women’s March in Indonesia, a young Indonesian woman was sexually harassed by a pervert inside a bus.
The victim, identified only as IK, said that the man caressed her thigh while riding a TransJakarta bus, according to Vivanews (via Coconuts Jakarta).
Not only was the poor girl allegedly violated, she was also denied justice because the investigators concluded that the accused was not at fault because she was wearing pants.
This is despite the claim of a witness that the man had even admitted to frequently sexually harassing women on the bus.
Here’s how Jatinegara police division head of criminal investigations Bambang Edi, explained their verdict:
“She was wearing long pants, and he happened to touch her thigh since they were sitting next to each other.
“If he had grabbed her breasts or genitals, or if he had shown his genitalia then that would be harassment.
“He just touched her thigh and she was wearing trousers. Unless she’s wearing a skirt, and he opened her thighs and grabbed her, that would be harassment.”
It’s a scary thought how the police think it’s OK for a pervert to molest strangers as long as there is a covering of a thin piece of clothing.
Needless to say, the ridiculous excuse left many Indonesian netizens furious over the investigation.
One Facebook user summed it up perfectly: “Wtf?! It’s all just for fun huh?! What an asshole police! I bet he frequently harassed women for fun! Definition of sexual harassment in Indonesia is totally stupid and they dare to blame the victims!”
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