Pervert Father of Two Busted After Stealing BREAST MILK From A Coworker

Pervert Father of Two Busted After Stealing BREAST MILK From A Coworker
Carl Samson
December 22, 2016
A  37-year-old computer technician has been sentenced with 200 hours of community service after pleading guilty to stealing breast milk from his office pantry.
Hong Kong’s Eastern Court found that the married father of two stole the bottle of breast milk on March 8.
But Lam Chung-kan did not just rob milk from his lactating coworker. He also sent her anonymous messages, which later included “a photo of an erect penis wrapped in a plastic bag and another of a glass of milk,” South China Morning Post reported.
Office CCTV revealed that Lam was the only person using a phone at the time of theft. Evidence grew strong later, when the phone was found to contain the messages and photos received by the victim.
In defense, counsel Rachel Wong argued that Lam committed the crime as he could not cope with stress at the time. He was said to be very remorseful over the act.
Magistrate Jason Wan Siu-ming said:
“The defendant should be ashamed of himself.”
The community service verdict was decided under the conviction that Lam will not repeat a similar offense. Magistrate Wan explained:
“The exposure of the incident, others’ knowledge, the trouble brought to your family – that’s a punishment you brought upon yourself, but your family is innocent. There’s nothing fun about this; think about how you will mend your ties with your family.”
We’re not exactly sure how things will run between Lam and his victim now, but it’s safe to bet on extremely awkward meetings.
And if he’s really that into milk, then he should probably try a more nutritious substitute.
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