Pervert in China Moves Like a Ninja for Quick Peek Up a Woman’s Skirt

A male shopper has shocked Chinese netizens after bending down to get a two-second glimpse up another female shopper’s skirt.

The incident occurred at 10:22 a.m. inside a Chinese supermarket on Sunday, People’s Daily noted.

As seen in a CCTV footage, the man pretended to be browsing goods before committing the malicious act.

The man moved so quickly that the female shopper failed to catch him red-handed; still, she was aware that something had just happened, checking over her shoulder to see if she could discern what had just transpired.

After launching into perversion, the man returned to a standing position and continued “browsing” grocery items.

While the man’s action is immediately condemnable, some netizens were more impressed of his ninja-like moves.

Commenters wrote (via Daily Mail):

“He must have practised a lot of yoga.”

“With that sort of flexibility, he should have done something more meaningful.”

The man remains unidentified.

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