Pervert on a Bus Gets a Well-Deserved Beatdown From Passengers After Harassing Two Women

Pervert on a Bus Gets a Well-Deserved Beatdown From Passengers After Harassing Two Women

October 20, 2016
A pervy bus passenger in China was given a painful lesson by his fellow passengers after threatening to hurt a woman he had just sexually harassed.
The man, identified only by his surname Di, caught the ire of the passengers of bus 405 in Dalian, China, after he had threatened a woman who was just trying to move away from him. According to local news outlets (via Daily Mail), Di had inappropriately touched both the evading woman and another woman earlier, before he was heard making the threat. The bus passengers reportedly surrounded the pervert to protect the woman and started beating him up during a supposedly normal bus commute on Monday.
The security camera inside the bus revealed that the man first touched the face of a woman who was standing near the bus door. While the first victim tried to evade his advances, Di then moved to the center of the bus where he found another victim. The man can be seen stroking the hair of his second prey for a few times.
The girl, identified only with her surname Bi, tried to distance herself but he kept following her and then threatened to attack her. The man then pretended that Bi had hurt him and began demanding compensation from the girl. When the commotion caught the attention of the bus driver, he stopped the bus and tried to call for authorities.
When the man demanded to open the door so he can get out, the driver simply ignored him. Di then started to shout at Bi, but as he tried to approach her, two male passengers stood in his way to protect the girl.
Di continued shouting at Bi and tried to approach her again. In fear, the woman screamed. Outraged by the man’s behavior, a number of passengers surrounded him and began hitting him. Di would later emerge on his knee on the floor, with his jacket ripped and a bleeding nose.
“You behave just like a hooligan on public transport. You deserve it,” a male passenger was quoted as saying before hitting him with a stick.
When the police arrived, Di and the two female passengers he previously touched were brought to the local police station for questioning.
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