People’s Favorite Anime Hilariously Ranked Using Old ‘Key and Peele’ Sketch

A fan-favorite sketch by comedic duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele has been revived and edited to become a hilarious meme that pokes fun at different fandoms such as anime and video games.

In the 2014 Key and Peele skit “Obama Meet & Greet,” Peele stars as then-President Barack Obama who was shaking the hands of audience members at a meet and greet event.


The “joke” was the selective manner he greets the people: cordially shaking hands with white audience members while greeting every black one very warmly.

In the past week, netizens have been making their own versions of the sketch to rank universally divisive topics, including:

Dragon Ball games


The Last Airbender characters


Marvel movies

Relationship pairs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Peele himself even retweeted one of the memes which talked about the challenges of depression.

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