People All Over the World Travel to China Just to Watch This Epic Train Spit Fire

There is a train in China that spews bright sparks high into the air that attracts trainspotters from around the globe to travel to the country just to witness this spectacular sight at night.

The Sandoling Line, which runs down the Sandoling Coal Mine Railroad in northwest China’s Xinjiang autonomous region, is very popular with trainspotters for its unique train, according to Daily Mail.

The video, taken back in December 2016 but resurfaced recently for reasons unknown, shows the magnificent train that shoots out fiery sparks and steam. As said in the report, the train passes through the area as frequently as every 20 minutes.

The bright sparks coming from the train truly looks mesmerizing, especially when viewed at night.

It looks even prettier with snow.

While it looks beautiful, you can’t deny the fact that it can also look terrifying. It can even look like its coming out of the abyss.

“What are they feeding that thing! the souls of the damned?” one of the comments in the YouTube post said.

If you’re traveling about China, this might be something worth checking out!

Images via YouTube / Oー銛

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