People on the Streets of Tokyo Try American Sushi for the First Time

People on the Streets of Tokyo Try American Sushi for the First Time
Bryan Ke
May 22, 2018
YouTube channel Asian Boss recently conducted a taste test in Tokyo to see how Japanese people would react to the taste of westernized sushi, and unsurprisingly, they did not exactly like the American version.
In the episode, which was posted on YouTube on Monday, May 21, Asian Boss took to the streets of Tokyo to see how people would react to the American version of their dish, primarily the two popular westernized rolls: California Roll and Volcano Roll.
For the California Roll, majority of them gave the dish a rather low rating when asked how good it was from 1 to 10 in terms of it being “sushi-like.”
Most of those who tried the food were rather curious by the lack of raw fish; however, one of them actually gave the dish a solid 9 despite the lack of one of its main ingredients, which is raw seafood.
The second and last dish they tried was the Volcano Roll, which, based on their reactions, were pretty bad. Some of these taste testers even stated that what they tried wasn’t sushi.
Is this sushi?” a man asked the female host the moment she opened the container of the food. After affirming that it is in fact a sushi, he said, “No one would consider this sushi.”
After tasting, the man seemed a bit displeased by the food he just ate. “Japanese people won’t like this,” he said.
One of them even tried to understand westernized sushi by saying: “Foreign sushi does use raw fish, but I can see that they try to hide the fish flavor by using mayonnaise and adding a bunch of avocados.”
While each and everyone of them have different opinions regarding the westernized sushi, all of them kind of agreed to a one conclusion — whatever they ate certainly wasn’t “sushi” sushi.
Images via YouTube / Asian Boss
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