People Love Watching South Korean Girls Throw Baseball Pitches and We Don’t Know Why

Miss Muscle Mania Bikini 2016 winner Choi Seol Hwa is, undoubtedly, the most flexible person we have ever seen to pitch at a ceremonial game. She’s also definitely among the prettiest.

In the video that’s currently setting the internet ablaze, the shapely beauty queen was initially shown learning and practicing how to throw while also showing off her flexibility. The South Korean model, dressed in tight fitting shorts, is then seen on the diamond giving a short message for the fans, before doing her thing.

The Muscle Mania Bikini queen also did some necessary stretching to loosen up, before letting out what could arguably be the sexiest pitch ever.

 The three-minute video of the picture-perfect pitch has gone viral since BearSpotv initially uploaded it more than a week ago.

Choi’s amazing display of poise and flexibility is rivaled by other sexy baseball pitches in the past in South Korea. Here are some, equally titillating throws from Clara Lee, Shin Soo-Ji and Tao Mi:

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