People Love That Indonesia’s President Looks Like Barack Obama

People Love That Indonesia’s President Looks Like Barack ObamaPeople Love That Indonesia’s President Looks Like Barack Obama
Bryan Ke
May 18, 2018
Many netizens are now having a hard time trying to unsee the uncanny resemblance of Indonesian President Joko Widodo to former United States President Barrack Obama – it’s like they are clones.
Reddit user badcompanygg recently shared a portrait of Widodo on the platform with the caption stating that he looks like the “Asian Obama.”
via Reddit
After going viral on the social media platform with over 57,000 upvotes and over 1,000 comments, some users couldn’t help but compare the two political figures when someone threw a picture of the former U.S. president into the mix.
via Reddit
A lot of people are having trouble erasing this in their mind.
But hey, at least the title delivered the expectation, right?
There those who like to play with fire and asked if they can make this even more unsettling than it already is.
And since this is Reddit – and the internet – here’s what they got:
via Reddit
To be fair, though, they do both look a lot like each other, even though the portrait used to compare Widodo to Obama was officially released four years ago, according to Bored Panda.
Obama once visited his doppelganger Widodo, the meeting recorded and uploaded to the YouTube channel of the latter’s son.
If you think that’s awesome, wait till you see the other Asian guys who are like carbon copies of other famous celebrities and personalities, like Brad Pitt or even Jeff Goldblum!
Featured image via Reddit
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