7-Second Clip of BTS Member Becomes Ultimate Thirst Trap For Non-K-Pop Fans

A seven-second clip of BTS’s Jimin has K-pop newcomers hunting down his identity.

Park Jimin. Image via Facebook / BTS

The clip, shared on Twitter on Sept. 8, comes from the group’s recent concert in Los Angeles.

It shows the “ethereal” 22-year-old gazing afar with his “glimmering” eyes.

The clip has received 2.69 million views, 134,000 likes and 63,000 comments as of this writing.

Truth be told, Jimin’s visual glory never ceased to captivate fans:

But BTS better be ready for more ARMY members, as Jimin also caught non-fans off-guard:

Welcome, new ARMYs!

Image via Facebook / BTS

Go bless your eyes and ears with “Serendipity,” Jimin’s solo track from “Love Yourself: Her”:

Featured Images via Twitter / @velvetkth

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