Why People Keep Licking Their Nintendo Switch Cartridges

The Nintendo Switch is finally out and social media is now flooded with gamers and journalists giving their opinion on how to successfully connect Nintendo Switch to TV sets, as well as the console’s games, specs, portability and, uhm, taste?  

Released worldwide on Friday, the highly anticipated new gaming console is sending gaming netizens in a frenzy over the bitter taste of the Switch’s game cartridge.

Apparently, Nintendo has coated the small-sized cartridges in a bittering agent to keep children from popping them into their mouths.

As many Twitter users have professed, it tastes disgusting:

Multiple  Youtubers have also been uploading videos of their own cartridge taste tests:

According to Nintendo, the cartridges were applied with denatonium benzoate to achieve what is considered as the most bitter possible taste. It is the same bittering agent used by manufacturers in cables and wires to prevent rodents from chewing on them.

And since Nintendo has claimed that the compound is non-toxic, expect more licking to come as more gamers get their hands on the “hybrid” console.

Nintendo Switch, which is currently earning early good reviews, is Nintendo’s seventh major home console.

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