People Are Going Crazy Over This ‘5-Star’ Japanese Cheesecake With Only 3 Ingredients

Nothing beats the gustatory pleasure brought by a guilt-defying cheesecake. No questions there. It’s soft, sweet and goes just right with coffee on a Saturday afternoon Netflix marathon.

We’ve seen countless recipes everywhere, but one seems to have satisfied millions, at least with the way it looks.

It’s YouTuber Ochikeron’s “Soufflé Cheesecake” (aka “Japanese Cotton Cheesecake”), and she posted its how-to-make video in May 2013. According to AOL, the video’s views surged over the past few months, now reaching past 9,500,000!

What makes Ochikeron’s cheesecake special is the fact that it’s only made with just three ingredients. From the way it looks, anyone can mistake it for a five-star dessert, but these are everything you basically need: three eggs, 120g (4.3oz) white chocolate and 120g (4.3oz) cream cheese.

You blend the egg whites, melted white chocolates and cream cheese to create the batter. You then bake them at three different temperatures: 170 C (338 F) for 15 minutes, 160 C (320 F) for 15 minutes, and then the heat is turned off while the cheesecake sits in the oven for the final 15 minutes.

Check out the video below!

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