People Don’t Appreciate Chinese Grandpas Getting Naked in a Hot Spring After Flood

No matter how chilly the weather is, this bunch of grandpas and uncles will jump in a hot spring to go skinny-dipping.

People from a village in China complained about several uncles’ “cheeky” display while bathing in an outdoor hot spring.

A wall that previously provided some modesty for a hot spring bath in Wentang District in Chongqing got destroyed after a flood knocked it down. However, even with the lack of privacy, it didn’t stop several patrons from doing their usual business.

These old uncles and grandpas from China were certainly not shy about their public display of nudity, as can be seen in the photos that circulated on the internet. No matter how chilly the weather is, they’ll still jump into a hot spring to go skinny-dipping.

But because the hot spring is visible to villagers and other commuters, it caused the public a bit of discomfort. Who would be delighted to see a bunch on nude grandpas anyway?

As an answer to these complaints, the local government said that they will build another wall to give the hot spring back its privacy, Shanghaiist reported.

While the project is underway, it looks like there is no stopping these uncles and grandpas from their “cheeky” public display.

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